Preface / Small intro about this template

First of all thank you for purchasing our template.
In this document we will try to help you and give answers to the most of your questions.

On the left side you can see the navigation area which should guide you to the most of the sections.

To begin navigate to the next section, installation.

If this documentation can not answer all your questions, visit our support forum at .
  • Theme : Fullfashion
  • Version: 2.0
  • Design : 1theme
  • Programming : 1theme
  • Created on : 9 September 2012
  • Updated on : 06 June 2014
  • Wordpress : 3.9.1
  • Demo : Visit

Installation / small steps into a big future

Guide :

The Fullfashion template allows you to import the xml file which you can find along with the given template. By importing this template you will add all the default content which you can view on the demo page. To import the XML file.
  • Go to Plugins → Add new
  • Search for "Wordpress importer" the plugin from the author "wordpressdotorg"
  • Install and activate it
  • Go to Settings → Import → WordPress
  • Select the XML file from the XML folder and click "Upload file and import"
  • At this moment you should have all the pages from the demo page
  • You must configure the homepage, the main menu and the permalinks again




  • Create a page
  • Set the template to Wonder Slider and upload slides through theme options (optionally)
  • Go to Settings → Reading → Set the homepage to the page you have just created
  • Save your changes
Do not select any value for Blog. Leave it as is.

To setup a menu go to Admin Pannel → Appearance → Menus. This is the page where you usually manage wordpress menus, to add a menu enter the menu name and click "Create Menu" then assign the new menu to a theme location (see screenshot to the right).

Next on the same page you will see all the created Posts, Pages, Portfolio Items and much more. This will be your menu items , to add a menu item select it and click Add to menu You can re-arrange items in the menu by moving them. You can even create sub-menus by tilting an item to the right which will become a child item.

If you can not see your portfolio items, enable them. See screenshot →

Page templates:

The page template comes with a few "Page templates" which allows you to configure the content.

We have deprecated the usage of multiple wonder slider in favor for it's flexibility.

You can create a page select the Wonder Slider and upload the slides through theme options

If you create a page with this post template then you will have a blog page

The blog page will list all your posts. You can limit the number of posts per page by changing the value in the reading section of your WordPress settings

If you need to show all your portfolio items you should create a page with this template.

This page will list all your items and can be configured in Theme Options, you can change the number of columns of this page. This page as well as the blog page show the amount of items per page as you have setup in your WordPress settings.

If you want to have a page with nivo slider items, create a page and select the Page Template as "Nivo Slider"

To upload images, pres on Add Media and Create Gallery from the left side.

It will open the new media manager of wordpress and will allow you to upload images into the nivo slider

When you're done click, create gallery, it will insert a shortcode.

Now go to text editor and replace `gallery` with `nivo`.

Publish the page and you will see your results

The nivo slider page has 3 other templates which you can configure in the "Theme options" section.

These page templates are merely a convinience. The will allow you to place the page on the center or right side of the screen.


Shortcodes / it's the little things that matter

FullFashion comes with a new shortcode system which adds a lot of new shortcodes as well as it integrates some of the features from twitter bootstrap.

The best part is you now don't need to remember each of the shortcodes as in previous version. We have included them in your editor and you will have them there always. You can experiment with all the shortcodes that we have there.

The only undocumented shortcode is the "[pull]" shortcode which basically pulls the content out of the wrapper (see google maps on the contact page).

The Shortcode system is presented in the "Configuration" seciton of this documentation.

Have fun experimenting.


Please remember that the template isn't compatible with the 1.3 or 1.4 version and 2.0 and 2.3.

It's a complete rewritten core which can't and shouldn't be compatible with it.

Before you start writing questions to us, please check the version you are using and update to 3.0, because we won't be able to guide you through our old and new template.

If you have problems migrating from 1.3/1.4 and 2.0/2.3 to 3.0 write us on our support forum and specify that you have "A migration issue" so that we know which kind of problems you're dealing with.

Note that not many sliders,galleries and plugins might not be compatible with ajax templates so if you have a somethin that isn't working, we can not give any promise that we will fix that.

If you need our support, we will gladly assist you at our support forum: